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casual reminder that the apocalyptic violence is still happening in ferguson because the police refused to fire a white cop who shot dead an innocent unarmed black kid 

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my favorite moment in supernatural


“mr. crowley, you don’t have a soul.”


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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who “died, never existed, and then came back as a plastic Roman.”

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deancas trip!verse: the one where cas falls, sammy goes back to college and dean is… well, he is himself. lately cas has been feeling down after being abandoned by his brothers and sisters, so dean decides it’s time for them to take a week off. he takes cas to the ocean and they snapchat sam about everything they do.

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Favorite photos of Jensen and Misha 15/25 (x)

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Didn’t you grow up pretty. Ugh, my skin was absolutely crawling when she said that.  Just look how uncomfortable it makes Dean.  Dean, who’s always got a comeback, even when if it’s utterly lame (well… you’re… pretty..). He doesn’t even say anything, can’t even give her a response. It just makes me think of this younger Dean, whose only goal in life was to be the man his father wanted him to become.  To be tough and masculine. Dean, who was cursed with his mother’s beautiful face. Who had to listen to the guys around the bar pool table call him a sweet, pretty little thing. But he didn’t care, because he’d hustle every penny right out of them, and tell himself that one day he’d be feared.  He’d become the son his father would be proud to call his own.  He’d be the most notorious hunter of them all. And he did just that. He grew up to be the Righteous Man, the man who fought the Devil and lived to tell the tale. But, as she reminds him, it wasn’t enough… If your daddy could see you now. And you can see it in his face, that little swallow, that haunted expression, that he knows she’s right. That if his father were still alive he wouldn’t be proud. He’d be just as disgusted as her. It’s a moment of shame and failure for Dean. Because in the end, he’s not the man his father wanted him to become.

But Dean! Don’t you see why? Because you are so much more. Because you grew up to fight for more than family. Come hell or high water, you fought for free will and what’s right. You’re not the perfect little soldier, Dean. You’re so much more.  And so much better.

Excuse me while I throw myself a cliff. Bye bye.

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